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Отдыхала C маленькими детьми в
мае 2022
24.05.22 - 31.05.22
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Amazing Hotel

I vacationed in this hotel with my husband and child,we especially liked the sea of ​​the hotel. I loved the variety of drinks and menus in the bars,there was a cocktail made with milk I don't know the exact name but it sure is delicious and i always wanted to drink it! I did not like animation programs at all, there were no fun shows and parties. I would like to specifically point out that ; The photography club and hookah I liked the most in this hotel were :))) Mehmet and Ossi took our photos and made beautiful collages for our photos,and these guys also have a hookah cafe inside the hotel.There are many delicious hookahs,prices are very cheap.

I will come back to this hotel to smoke those delicious hookahs. Thank you to all hotel staff, also thank you very much to Mehmet and Ossi.You really have mastered this photography and hookah business :))

Плюсы отеля
Hookah and Photographers
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