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Looking for another hotel!

There is only one positive point of this hotel - the location. But generally quite silly to speak about this advantage when in the same house in next door is a hotel Residence Baron, which is much better than Zara, and for the same money.


The hotel does not correspond to the declared of 4 * and, moreover, is not worth the money they charge for it.

Tiny, cramped rooms with poor soundproofing, decorated in dark colors, as well as the view from the window at the gray wall located in 2-3 meters away from the window, creating quite a painful picture of your stay in this beautiful city of Budapest. Wi-fi Internet in the rooms is very weak and interrupted, so to speak by Skype have to go down to the lobby, which is not very convenient, especially if your conversations are businesslike.

Breakfast is quite meager and organized in the hallway. So when you have breakfast, some people constantly walking across the room to the street and back, which actually quite strange.

The hotel is not interested in permanent customers and do everything that the client would never return to this hotel.

Having fully prepaid room and your credit card, the administration will demand additional cash deposit in case you "do something wrong" at this hotel. At the same time, if you do not agree to a cash deposit, they immediately charge that amount from your credit card (and do not block, and write off!) And no arguments or your requests they do not care.

I will never again stay at this hotel and you are strongly recommended to avoid it. If you are looking for comfortable and hospitable stay in Budapest - please looking for another hotel.

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